Material & color: Gray color faux leather, includes sawtooth hanging hardware

Size: 10"x10" 

10" x 10" Gray Leatherette Wall Décor

  • There are three engraving options for this listing:

    Text only: This can be any text in any of our available fonts. Whether you would like to add your own message, a quote or song lyric, we can engrave it! Add a decorative element (included in price) from our Decorative Borders catalog. Include the design number in the space provided. 

    Design from our design catalog: please indicate the design number and any other required information in the appropriate field

    Handwriting or hand drawings: We can engrave original handwriting or drawings. It is best if your original piece has a white (or light) background with black (or dark) ink on unlined paper (lined paper will work as well, it is just a little more work to remove the lines). please contact us if you would like to discuss this further before purchasing.

    *submitting your handwriting or drawing* 

    - Scan or take a photo of the original document (as straight as possible and not at an angle, including all four corners and avoid shadows) 

    - Email the file or photo (select ORIGINAL size, do not reduce the size of the image if prompted to do so) to info@saratogacustomengraving.com