**You must use the Spotify music app in order for the code to work, the frame itself does not play music (just a fun and thoughtful way to display a special song and a "mix tape"), codes can be scanned through the Spotify music app on your device**

Spotify codes are available within the Spotify app, there is a code attached to each song and to each playlist, those codes can be saved and shared so others can enjoy a song or playlist you've created, in this case it can be engraved and put on display to scan at any time! If you do not use Spotify, we suggest the listing for single song picture frame to display a special song on a player.


For more information head to https://support.spotify.com/us/article/sharing-music/


Make a Spotify playlist for a loved one and give it as a gift for them to cherish forever. The best gifts are ones that are thoughtful, and this is sure to impress!  

Choose a song from the playlist to display and we'll include the code to the full playlist right on the frame so it can be scanned at any time! 


Material: Wood Frame

Size: Overall size 8"x9.25", photo size 4"x6" 




Playlist & "Song Player" 4x6Picture Frame

  • This listing is for a full playlist (we have a separate listing for single songs)

    We can print the photo for you, if you do not need the photo printed, please let us know.

    Please email a high-resolution photo and the Spotify playlist code to info@saratogacustomengraving.com (photos taken from Facebook or other social media platforms will have a lower resolution and will print that way)

    The photo will measure 4x6 and must be landscape orientation

    The Spotify code will be engraved onto the frame and is scannable, please choose one song from the playlist to display as the "playing track"